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Title: Tu (Italian dance music, why not??)

After some extensive research finding differences between the various Vogue Magazines of the world (including Paris, Nippon, Dutch, US, Australia, and UK). POST TO COME SOON! The study is in search of finding the best Vogue based on content, photographs, layout, etc.  It is very interesting to note how each cultures magazine slightly varies – from the way you read the magazine (Nippon is read our back to front), to how the images and text are spaced/alignment, formal vs casual, to the celebrities/fashion icons they showcase… anyways I will post more with examples asap.

Italia, in my opinion one of the VERY best.  Their photography is stunning, the magazine itself is a bit more artsy/provocative/edgy, a bit less commercial, a true reflection of this sensual culture… with a splash of whimsy.  Here are some covers from Italia to feast your eyes on.  Hope you are having a beautiful day!

images sourced from google & lbosquejo

this post is inspired by alibee’s blog post formats :) there is something organic and beautiful about the pictures she pairs together.  here is my variation on her formatting style.  <3  her creativity and eye inspire me always.

photography: Greg Kadel, source: Vogue Italia, model: Ali Stephens

photography: Sebastian Kim, source: Vogue China September ’09, model: Magdalena Frackowiak

photograpy: Benjamin Alexander Huseby source: UK Vogue March 2006

magazine: Vogue, model: Sienna Miller

photography: Sebastian Kim, source: Numero

source: Little Doe

photography: Sølve Sundsbø, source: Numero #107, model:  Australian Cathrine McNeil

photography: Enrique Badulescu source: Velvet

photography: not sure, source: V magazine

photography: Mario Testino, source: Vogue UK November 2009, model: Sienna Miller

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