land of eternal spring – for love & lemons ss/2014

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And alas, we present our Spring 14′ Collection “Land Of Eternal Spring” featuring the beauty Carola Remer. For this collection we traveled to the beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. After falling in love with the culture, colors, people, food, architecture, and land we decided to extend our trip a little bit longer and design our Spring Collection there. We scoured the markets far and wide and sourced beautiful one-of-a-king hand embroidered huipiles(traditional Guatemalan tops), which you will find we repurposed and incorporated into many of the garments. We also created our own prints based off of paintings on walls. The rest of the collection consists of bold vibrant colors and laces, which you will see for yourself! Enjoy Model: Carola Remer @PhotoGenics

Photographer: Zoey Grossman

Stylist: Ashley Glorioso

Hair/Makeup: Ashlee Rose

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