skivvies intimates by for love and lemons – my most recent labor of love :)



A collection we have been working on for over a year, may we present this sneak peek of our intimates line, SKIVVIES by FOR LOVE & LEMONS, hitting stores this fall!!!!! 


The idea of SKIVVIES was born from the desire to create one-of-a-kind lingerie with the intention to be shown off and worn under all types of garments, the more the lingerie peeps through clothes, the better. 


Every single lingerie piece was draped and patterned in our design studio to perfect the fit. The pieces are a combination of unique delicate laces and stretchy sportswear fabrics with high fashion design to move with your body. Skivvies pieces are intended to we worn under sheer garments or outfits that you have difficulty finding the right undergarments for. They are meant to be shown off while covering your body in all the right places. 


Make sure to check out the latest issue of WWD to get an insider story behind the inspiration of SKIVVIES and which stores it will be sold in! 






For Love & Lemons



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