everything happens for a reason…

or at least that is what I tell myself to keep my cool…

i hope you are having the best day of the week. one of my good old friends is staying with me for the night unexpectedly and it reminds me how special these coincidental encounters can be… it also reminds me to reach out to friends and family even when it is busy! i need to improve. chat with an old friend today and i will too.

old but good…

these images inspired a recent textile design focusing on peacock feathers… here are a few interesting takes that I found helpful with my own design

i love these black and white prints – retro and super coolwpid-duraleeplumefabric-2011-10-14-00-39.jpgwpid-dkd07-07-2011-10-14-00-39.jpgwpid-2peacocks350px-2011-10-14-00-39.jpg=wpid-1138133583_bdd39264dc-2011-10-14-00-39.jpg
also…. this one is unique because it makes the peacock eye into a heart!
givenchy shoes i think – not surprised.
lara stone is my MUSE! ! wpid-wired-2011-10-14-00-39.jpg
^this is me… computer taking over my BRAIN – well, at least I wish it would…

editorial Daria Werbowy’s nyc apt and i am tre jealous of this closet. it is double the size of my room… then again i am not sure i want to own this much stuff.

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