re-design ideas aka rough draft (don’t judge :) )

web design class hw… thoughts? i need to spend more time developing the visuals and site maps… it seems there is no “quality” computer time for fashion students

After realizing in our last class that I was not completing the assignment properly, I made the decision to re-vise my own website/blog. In September 2008, I have started a blog using wordpress.  While working for a digital retouching studio blogging seemed like the perfect/trendy :) way to keep track of my creative progress and inspirations.  Over the past two years my process has evolved from digital media to fashion design.  This website also showcases my extracurricular work experience in New York and Sydney, Australia and anywhere else I have traveled.

For awhile now, I have been thinking about the future of the site – ideally the re-design would remain clean + minimal (which has been similar to my previous wordpress themes).  Unfortunately pre-formatted themes have left much to be desired!  For example, the monthly archive and categories in the side toolbar do not follow you as you navigate through the website… It could be much more intuitive and user friendly as far as organization/searching goes.  I would also like to develop an online portfolio and shop that are coexistent with the blog.

the usual mood board…

For the re-design I want to the addition of:

– Portfolio (featuring Tailoring, Fashion Design, Illustration, Web Design, Photography/ Digital Retouching, Design Development, Textile Design, Resume)

– Customize your Wardrobe (way for people to contact me/ interact and make orders for personalized designs)

– Shop (featuring clothing pieces, jewelry, and other creative projects that I am currently selling)

– Contact (this will feature a small section about me and my email)

– The blog would stay mainly the same but will feature buttons for categories instead of the cloud


This would be the main page when you visit – here you can choose to navigate to one of the subcategories (which also will have drop down navigation to their tertiary pages) or to scroll down to the blog.  After you scroll down beneath the header it will simplify to this:

you can’t necessarily tell here but this would be a much larger area for images! aka BIGGER PICTURES! you know i love that :D!

with grids:

you can see that the navigation tools are along the header and left side bar – these would remain stationary as you scroll through the site.  The “buttons” (home, portfolio, customize your wardrobe, shop, contact me, recent posts, categories, archives) act like drop down lists when you scroll your cursor over them… see example circled in red below with the “recent post button”

you would navigate through the portfolio through the navigation bar on the left of by clicking on one of the images.  Ideally you would be able to shuffle them around with your mouse.  When you pass over the image with your mouse the Portfolio Category would become visible…


i have a vision of it looking much more like BESPOKESTUDIOs site – where i used to work – so clean and pretty

this website also has portfolio sites that are effective – a few that I am working on developing for the subpages…

The assignment for next week’s class is to begin the information architecture of your web site: creating a preliminary site map and wireframes for the home page and 2 inner pages. Keep in mind that you are building the foundation for important creative decisions by determining the structure and functionality of your site. Wireframes give you an opportunity to explore the user experience prior to the considerations of the visual look and feel.

  • What is the first read on the home page? What is the message(s) you are trying to convey?

The first read on the homepage is that it is creative, casual, colorful, and spirited.  From the “portal page” you can see that you are at the website of a creative – this page also connects to the blog via scrolling down beyond the image.  (i think this is possible?)  I wanted the text to be handwritten and for the experience to feel intimate to the viewer and remain true to my love of color, blog, and design aesthetic.

  • What is the second read? How does a user orient herself? What do you want them to ultimately do?

The user is able to make the immediate decision  to scroll down to the blog or click on one of the four links along the foot of the site entrance to shop, view my portfolio, contact me, or to interact with me on a special project by clicking “personalize my wardrobe”.  If the viewer wants to search for content they have seen on the site without navigating they can easily type in to search.  I think it is people friendly and easy to understand – what do you think.  Ultimately, I would love for readers of my blog to purchase some of my designs, view my portfolio, and further interact with my creative process.

  • What is the third read? How will this page change over time?

I can see this page changing each season with my collection.  It would also be fun to change the colors in the “color scientist” logo to match my inspirations – and to educate viewers about design and color! :)

(these answers are crappy)

  1. erika said:

    I have not been on here for a while I am sorry don’t hate me! I like where you are going with this a lot and I really like the idea of changing the logo colors as you see fit. I think it would fit the clean, simplistic design of the site if you cut out the spiral sketchbook and just had the colorful logo bit on a plain white background. the mockup in the very first picture looks stretched but you are probably aware of that. The only thing I can say is that in the second and third pictures it looks like you are trying to have frames which your links open up in… personally I would advise against that because it makes things look cluttered and if people are interested enough in a link to click it they will probably want to explore that site some too, and it is hard to navigate around a site in another site’s frame. But that is your call of course. :) And the portfolio… when you say “shuffle with the mouse” does that mean something like Cover Flow in iTunes? that would be neat.

    I think the blog itself is great right now, I love the white minimalist design, but it would be cool to have the colorful index page and the shop and portfolio and such. exciting!

  2. Arrived at your blog post through Yahoo. You already know I am signing up to your rss.

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