i want to blog, i really really do! + valerie phillips

most importantly, what is up….

reverting to the old format while i design a new one :) muhhaha… until then apple + so these images are gorgeous and BIG

grrr…. so people… i have been whining about it all night – today, shiz hit the fan.  meaning: i am taking 10 classes and interning 3 full days a week (all in addition to having way too much undeserved fun – which must stop asap).  I also lost my wallet this weekend…. which pretty much ices the cake of my personal demise.  i feel like a chicken with my head cut off – Hopefully you can relate?!

to kicking off a new semester with focus and excitement :)  and luckily being really busy means there will be more frequent posts – this place keeps me sane when i need to break up the day

have a great day … and enjoy a few selections by photographer valerie phillips – i dig her perspective and color stories.


rosie hunington kills me every time!















personal favorite ^




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  1. Great information and facts! I have been hunting for something like this for some time these days. Many thanks!

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