being home.

i like to listen to the words… it is surprisingly sad… youtube is annoying me!  you have to watch this one on the tube… is this vevo’s fault… :P

i want outcast to come out with some new music

keeping it old school.

homemade mexican food :D

i am bedridden… recovering from holidays and finals with red wine and pandapuffs

documentaries galore = heaven.


reading :)

process book i have been working on over break – it is sort of like a journal… it will track creative ideas and the development of designs… it is in the beginning stages :)

observation + awareness + concentration are guidelines used in photography to convey your idea

blue color addiction – let the phase continue… and some images that are interesting

my new years resolutions…. simplified, naturally.

work in progress.

my mom had this beautiful vintage dress waiting for me in my closet.  i am in love.

  1. erika said:

    hey ya is SUCH a good song. I play it acoustic all the time and it sounds really beautiful and simple and sad. did you get the CD I sent? the last track is the Obadiah Parker cover… you’ve probably heard it at camp before, it’s just magical.

    I love the book. the observation-awareness-concentration piece is my favorite.

  2. Keenan Evans Meyer said:

    i love you lady.

  3. Great piece of details that you’ve obtained on this website submit. Hope I might get some a lot more of the stuff in your website. I will are available back again.

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