best day ever!

how is your day going?  for the first time in over a month i was able to clean MY ROOM!!!!! :) hopefully this will help with organization… and stress!  (does anyone else feel this way!)  this precious time was only allowed because i had three big projects due today!!! meaning… no Halloween… no fun…. no life for the past weeks… and it’s my understanding that it is going to stay intense through the end of the semester.  :/ eeksies SO tonight i went to the gym, had a taco :D, and received a present in the mail from my soul sister marrryyy! :)

check it out…


my tiny “clean” room!!!! ahh you would not believe how scary this place has beeN!  dios mio!

my dart manipulation draping hw… there was another one too but as usual photo was not documented :( this is a very creative solution to manipulating fabric for a blouse to fit without seams along the bust…. it is a japanese draping technique where you braid the fabric.  i am going to sew this bad boy up asap.

vacation = my bed for a month.

cleared the bulleton for a new passion project… involving COLOR!

Chinese Knotting: The Good Luck Knot for you!

This is, of course, an auspicious knot frequently used on monk’s garments or drapes in temples signifying good luck. It is an elegant knot. For tying this knot you need very nimble fingers. You will need to use all your fingers of your left hand. Materials:
Use about 20 inches of No. 5 thread.

View the entire process

Phase 1
Step 1. Take thread and fold into halves. View Step 1

Step 2. Take thread in left hand and bring loop (loop 1) back over index finger. Separate the double thread over index finger into two loops (loops 2 and 3, from right to left). Together with the loop formed in Step 1, you have three loops. View Step 2

Step 3. Take the non-loop double thread (stem) and wind it under and up between loops 2 and 3 and hold with fourth finger (since we are not using pins this time, you have to use your fingers to hold loops in place.) View Step 3

Step 4. Then take loop 3 and fold it over the stem and hold with middle finger. View Step 4

Step 5. Then take loop 1 and fold over loop 3 and hold. View Step 5

Step 6. Finally take loop 2 fold it over loop 1 and tuck it under the stem over the index finger (must be loosened first). View Step 6

Step 7. You should have a figure like a three-leaf clover with the stem facing you. Now the first phase is complete. View Step 7

Phase 2
Step 1. Take stem of clover pattern and swing it up between loop 1 and 2 (counting counterclockwise, the loop to the right of the stem is 1, the middle one is 2, and the left hand one 3). View Step 1

Step 2. Take loop 1 and fold over between loop 2 and 3 and fasten with pin, if you like. View Step 2

Step 3. Take loop 2 and fold down over loop 1 and fasten with pin. View Step 3

Step 4. Finally, take loop 3, fold over and insert between the two strands of the stem. View Step 4

Step 5. Now tighten the threads and adjust the loops; this complicated double Good Luck Knot is complete. View Step 5

Fold the string into halves and make four groups, as shown in Step 1. Make one cross knot in one direction and the next in the opposite direction. Tighten the main body and adjust the loops.

Good Luck Knot
=wouldn’t this be neat i n a design!>
Step 1
Step 2

Step 3
Step 4



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    MARRYYYY! Awwww

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