industry design h.w…. and more

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

– Thomas Jefferson (so much easier said than done)

HellO! just walked in the door (2:47 am) from school… ahhhh so much sewing you would not believe… projects to share tomorrow and friday.  But! i really miss posting and being present here so I (as usual) and going to try to make more of an effort.  WOrds can’t express how ridiculous the work load of this program.  NO ONE SLEEPS!  we are like zombies running around without brains sewing, drawing, designing… it is heaven and hell.  today i turned in these sketches I had done for Industry design… they are fun and represent my work and personality.  blahh sorry to just talk about myself – boring!  ANYWAYS, i would looovvee any feedback… so underneath there will be other random work… speak to me people. :P

this is one of my most recent projects… they are wearing my designs for high fashion sportswear – the materials are a stretch irradescent velvet, burnout velvet, chiffon, and spandex (nylon + acetate)…

definite favorites


the extent of romance in my life… is drawing…


croquis – 60 second sketch of live model in fashion drawing class

5 min sketch from live model – she is pretty… but i think not edgy enough for my permanent style?

designing for production

photography: Mario Testino, model: Kate Moss, hat = !!!!

this is dark and captivating… ahhh


these are sweeetttt

  1. keens!!
    your drawing style is beautiful!!!
    as far as stylization goes, they are very tribal, which is super nice contrasting with the concept of high fashion sportswear. love.
    they have a very prominent mood of strength and boldness, but i love the sass!

    the only thing i MIGHT suggest, but it’s probably personal preference, maybe vary the weight of your black lines so that all details are apparent. your work is too beautiful to lose in a couple lines that “run together”. i love love love love love it. rock it, chica.

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