4:39 and all is well :)

so much to do – so little time!!! if only sleep were optional… oh wait, it kind of is…

midterms has kicked off a exponential increase in work load at school – for the rest of the semester.  Today was the draping midterm… aka the class my friends and i have been slaves to for the past seven weeks.  it went really well!!!!!  Now our class is moving in a more creative  chapter :D :D :D  oh yes… this week i have three sewing projects… one is a pair of pants… they are my current love obsession but they are a pain in the ass to make because they are stretch velvet!!!!  it is murphys law whenever stretch velvet is in the picture.  Lesson learned the hard way.   i will show asap! there are so many things i have been wanting to post about but never a free moment… including musica suggestions compliments of my hipster friend Cara Lee….

maybe this weekend  I will organize another pre-automated schedule.  How is your week going> ?

this is good.

balenciaga reminds me of tyler


1 comment
  1. erika said:

    I need your iTunes pronto.
    sleep is not optional what are you doing

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