fusion application…

alright people.  last night got really ugly.  i didn’t sleep AT ALL and this morning played out like a bad comedy as i scurried about my itty bitty room like a chicken with my head cut off.  but as usual… everything worked out!  amazing how things fall into place when they seem impossible.

This all nighter was for midterms and to finish my application to fusion which is a competition (sort of?) to participate in a runway show – i am not sure exactly how my application will fair… but whatever the result i am  proud of the effort and outcome of the creative process.  Such a positive experience.  rambling… anyways! i am going to upload and add some of the stuff to this post! :)  it is southwest inspired sportwear.

the cover… it is a photoshop collage of forms i sketched (the red people) – in my mind i wanted them to look like exhausted athletes which would play into the sportswear theme… then in the background is a city scape and southwestern inspired fabric print (the one posted about recently)… my favorite thing about it is the people form a heart which adds a dash of romance? in a Givenchy kind of way?  justifying the heart because sometimes i just think it is dumb.  anyways… hopefully you enjoy and it doesn’t just make sense in my crazy brain.  This collection is called “Scars that don’t Heal” but it is fun and fashion forward…  ahhh scroll on :P

visual references :)


i like the idea of this… maybe i will experiment soon!



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  1. L Doggy said:

    Aw mom would love this post!!!

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