virtual birthday cake.

^sorry for posting this again – just really addicted to it today.  this song is like drugs.

want to know something shocking? yesterday was actually the 2 year birthday of this site. The past couple years have been a wild trip.  doesn’t time fly?

I feel so grateful and blessed to have found a creative outlet here… honestly this daily expression has defined who I am, what I am about and who I want to become… my apologies for this for cheesy moment.

Thank you all so much for your continuous love and support.  I live to share my daily inspirations and creative endeavors here with you.  You people keep me sane (well if that were even possible you would).  To celebrate we are going to have a new more grown up theme… it feels like time… and of course the celebration called for some cupcake – what is a birthday without cake?  it is all happening kids.  the right place at the right time – let’s take over the world!  over and out.

embrace it.

want to be this woman.

also! i promise to revert to my original siting style this week – sorry for being terrible – it is time consuming but so important – time for me to suck it up.

most sourced from: lovely artitude (yes again… you can get lost in this site for hours)

oh yea… click here for the 1 year birthday post

1 comment
  1. ali said:

    please burn me a mix tape…your music taste is off the hizz-ook

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