today…. things changed… forever!!!

ok i seriously am thinking about dyeing my hair like this ^!!!! maybe red, pink, black, or teal? thoughts!

weirdness is here to stay.

quick sketch of georgia jagger

hmmm… have you ever had a realization that changes everything? today i had a few of those.  First and quite possibly the T.H.M (take home message) is – as my beautiful roomate Michelle puts it “it’s all about how you spin it”… after class today I had a three hour break on campus before a group h.w. sess…  The first 40 minutes were spent wasting time and picking my nail (SO Fing upset about this because i quit!!! fml :(! ) … i am not sure if it was procrastinating or what but something pissed me off and i decided to put all my homework and responsibilities on hold for two hours and draw freestyle – the way i love!  with so much homework and work there seems to be no “free” time to have passion projects.  That definitely changed today.

Not that school isn’t my top priority – but isn’t the whole purpose of being in this sort of program to develop your portfolio>!  i vow from this moment on to be me whether my teachers like it or not :) Spin it your way and your days will be a whole light brighter!!!!!!!

is it just me? do you agree that this hair could be a totally life changing decision?

ohh givenchy… just one of those days!

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ok now for homework! shoot me now.

but just you wait for tomorrow when I get my macbook and photoshop back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. sagemag said:

    My friend dyed her hair red but bleached it first. Gradually the red faded, and it now looks blonde. It looks great though. I say go for it!

  2. erika said:

    you are the bestttt.
    you should totally dye your hair bright red just because you can.

  3. ali said:

    i say dye it a auburn tone (hello siren!)… i am dead serious. or do the burn out look like rachel bilson/ drew barrymore. you could totes pull it off.

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