draping projects line the walls of the classroom :D ahhh

or patterns…

my new favorite person!

omg she is a freak.

so i redid my room because I FINALLY got my old bed back – hallelujah people… nothing against air-mattresses but!!! 1.5 months on one can hurt.  trust me.  so in celebration of having a bed – i decided to spend the morning getting my room to be the perfect environment to do my homework…  room must be: whimsical, inspirational, functional

desk, nightstand, lamp

my bed is a cave!

trusty old blacky… (explained in previous post)

current inspiration wall…

basically my room is a studio… everything is a workspace!

scarlet is not a decoration.

office supplies? thank you mom for sending this groovy vintage chest!

created this stationary stamp this summer… it is out of control.

  1. erika said:

    I am still drooling over your brick wall. I think it is my goal now to have a brick wall in my room asap

  2. ali said:

    omg blacky strikes again. love what mama sent you!

  3. Fantastic blog! The article I read recently in the updated magazine seems to agree with you.Thank you for sharing!

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