we’ll all float on… alright

Happy Monday!  Well, almost… how is the weekend over already?!  school officially took every ounce of my weekend (and soul), which admittedly was expected… but still… :/

As a project for one of my courses I have been developing a “mood board” – a collection of inspirations to help  design your garments/collection.  Here are  two I have been working on…  followed by pieces that fit into this crazy puzzle.  Naturally, it wouldn’t be a proper start to the week without a dose of random…  and just a continuation of yesterdays musings… hope your day is filled with luck and coincidence :)  that is what i am craving!

if you would like to view bigger just click and it will open in a new window – or apple +

for the strong, sexy, versatile, athletic and adventurous… get ready kids

boulder… oh man… compliments of Brady X!

currently in a hard core obsession with Alexander McQueen’s work… and textiles…


Alexander McQueen Leggings… 2 seasons ago… want. need. someday!

currently drooling – rip creative genius.

photography: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


This Alterier Versace dress back is inspiration for an athletic top I want to design.

just a guess that she has something to do with Versace,,,, hahah

these are referred to as “flats” in the industry – they are a way for the designer to communicate with production about how the garment should look and be constructed.  These flats are from the Zimmermann collection Bittersweet Nightshade :)

Nike Advertisement

photography: Paola Kudack

student creations- the name on the photo is maison_martin_margiela – the opposition & cascading unusual & interesting…

Aussie designers Sass & Bide made there way to style.com – their vision is quintessentially Sydney… makes me feel a bit nostalgic to look at the collection – but how distracting are those neck pieces?!  for the full collection click here…\

illustration compliment of my beautiful camper Erika!  She did this sketch of me :) and it is ADORABLE! THANK YOU!

  1. ali said:

    i love it keens! i love the touch of a. mcqueen :) :) your fabrics in the other post are gorgeous!

  2. ali said:

    ps…will you send me a jpeg of the aboriginal art piece?? i want to put it on my bulletin board :)

  3. excispepe said:

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