homework!? + more

dedicated to marisa… her sydney jam :D artist: Arcade Fire, title: Rebellion

ahhh so i had my class and so much constructive criticism… so much work to get to the professional level! FML!

my two subway sketches on the left and my teachers on the right – he drew this in like 1 second to help me with proportions… i adore him!

subway sketching is life.

so basically i just do these 2 minute sketches on the train on my way around town… but i need to get loose with my hands and let each sketch really take on personality… it is harder than you would think!

so this was the one sketch in my homework that got positive feedback… so hopefully this can be repeated and improved stat.

These are photos from my drawing evolution over the first week… Maybe with a lot of work they will get exponentially better…. because they need to.

inspired by…

Anja Rubik for Vogue Nippon

inspired by…

mehhh… ghetto spice… trying to mix up poses for a new banner?

current fav?

model: Anja Rubik, the two on the right were inspirations for a few of the sketches above…

my favorite on this page is the second one from the left… the sketch looks a bit sickly… it evokes emotion (at least for me) and that is something i strive to do in every drawing… it is very difficult!

beautiful model Karlie Kloss… she is my favorite to draw!  she is only 17 and my friend babysat for her in h.s.!

i put my name on them because i don’t really know about putting work on the internet… but it is really just homework week 1 of school so it is probably dumb.

  1. erika said:

    I think the subway sketches look better slash more emotional slash powerful when you shade them less and just focus on the lines and the artistic interpretation of the muscles plus the fabric. like the one you said got positive feedback, it’s the one you shaded the least and it’s all defined lines – the calves, the shoulders, really beautiful, and I also love the jaggedness at the knee and the different thicknesses around the chin. the contrast between the white skin and the dark fabric also looks really sharp. a lot of the others look more realistic but also less emotional, like on the third picture down all the lines are softer and there’s not as much impact. They feel more timid.
    I don’t really have any idea what I’m talking about but that’s just how I feel. keep at it, you’re awesome. xoxo

  2. ANNIE said:

    I am so glad that this impressively gifted lady is no longer wasting her obv talents at the teebezzzy. Although I miss your face terribly. XX

  3. ali said:

    you are amazingggg! omg! you have gotten sooo good at sketches already! soo excited to see your progress baby smoosh

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