camera revival

sorry for the worst grammer ever… thanks!

so this is from a five day community service backpacking trip up Missouri gulch… We were working with the Colorado Fourtheener Initiative on establishing trails to prevent erosion on the Mountain above tree line.  After a long day of trail work, on day two a nasty storm rolled in and we were forced to pack up abruptly and run down the mountain to our site.  Somewhere in this rush my camera went MIA…

when we got back to the campsite I questioned everyone to see if they had accidently grabbed my nikon cool pics haha and put in in their pack… Two days later, the camera was still nowhere to be found.  Around noon on day four, after summiting Mt. Belford, I alerted the campers to look carefully for the camera as we walked through our trail work… It must have been my lucky day because seconds later one of the boys on our trip saw a piece of the very cool pics peaking through the dirt… he dug it out and to my dismay the camera seemed to be broken… here is the first picture.

I wasn’t discouraged though – despite the 24+ hours of non-stop rainfall that had smothered my beloved pocket camera… I gave it a good cleaning and kept snapping pictures throughout the day…

here you can see the image quality improve drastically…  Anthony and the campers resting post summit

mary in our tent – now the color is coming back!

much better!

camper bonding :)

picture sneak attack of anthony



rock from our favorite camper :)

and we’re back! woo woo thank goodness

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  1. camera-giver said:

    thank goodness. had me nervous there!

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