Monthly Archives: June 2010

^ johnmilitar — April 10, 2008 — Everyone and everything is always moving about in NY City. The clip takes you through the city blocks. It is an exploration both of type and motion to illustrate a bit of the New York experience and the New York vibe. It is a summation of my personal and first trip to the city. Thanks for watching! Done in Flash CS3

this one is the prettiest!  ^ hosozao — April 16, 2007 — Short Animation “Superfluid”. Animation / Music by Kojiro Shishido. High-Definition Version now available. (QuickTime H.264 44.9MB)…

^ bigpat626 — August 18, 2007 — This’s my school assignment on type in motion. And now i’m study in the Wanganui School of Design in New Zealand

^ from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho –  Intonation Typography – soooo eerie!@

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