annie leibovitz


name to a face… meet Annie Leibovitz source: commons.wikimedia.

model: Tina Fey, source: shalottianshards

model: Miley Cyrus, source: buzzworthy

models: Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia Coppola, source: robbywells.

model: Joni Mitchell, source: theerrantaesthete

source: freefortree

John Lennon Yoko Ono January 22, 1981. This was taken the day he died, source: bestofmichaeljackson

Julianne MOORE, Jennifer CONNELLY, Gwyneth PALTROW, Naomi WATTS, Salma HAYEK, Jennifer ANISTON, Kirsten DUNST, Diane LANE, Lucy LIU, Hilary SWANK, Alison LOHMAN, Scarlett JOHANSSON, and Maggie GYLLENHAAL

source: eldiapason


source: artknowledgenews

models: Johnny Depp & Kate Moss, source: hevaincollective

source: iamchiq.fooyoh

model: Angelina Jolie, source: bestofmichaeljackson

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano and series creator David Chase with “a friend.”, source: theerrantaesthete

models: Penelope Cruz & Woody Allen, source: vimby

model: Cate Blanchett, source:

models: Obama Family, source: bestofmichaeljackson

  1. Anonymous said:

    i die over her work

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