rpr reunion

style muse :)



cute boulder house

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, most commonly white sage. Often other herbs or plants are added, and the leaves are usually bound with string in a small bundle and dried. Additional herbs and spices that are often used in contemporary practices include cilantro, cedar, lavender, and mugwort, none of which are native to the Americas. All have a strong, pleasant aroma when burnt.

The term “smudge stick” entered the English language through indigenous American Indian traditions that include shamanism. The binding of smudge sticks for many traditions was a sacred intentional process in and of itself. Using scent and scented smoke in rites of purification, whether through smudging (the process of using a smudge stick) or burning incense, is common in many traditional cultures around the world, as noted in ethnographic literature.

source: Wikipedia

belts at boulder markets

Hoopers – new age hippy flower children

Eisenhower Tunnel


driving into boulder – the gorgeous flat irons…

life is good.

  1. ANNIE said:

    You look stunning Keenan! I’m seriously suffering from dress envy as Sydney has been providing nothing but rain,wind and sad faces. I want to join you for SUMMER! mucho lovo xx

  2. ANNIE said:


  3. aLi said:

    Kate is awesome!!!!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Why is it over???

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