megan fox is bald :/

Who’s that girl?

None other than sultry “Transformers 2″ actress Megan Fox, who revealed her newly bald pate last night at the premiere for Seth Rogen laffer “Observe And Report“.

The sexy siren shaved her head for an upcoming role in Fox 2000′s remake of “Alien Nation“.  The original 1988 science fiction film about a family of aliens trying to adapt to earthly suburban life was a smart allegory about racism and sexism, and spawned an acclaimed television series which only ran for one season but has since become a cult classic.  In the new film, Fox will play alien Susan Francisco, a “Newcomer” who lobbies for the right to vote.

post sourced from baldwall

  1. BG said:

    this is a lie. pants on fire.

  2. Anonymous said:

    i’d shave my head all day long if i looked like her

  3. roxane said:

    woww….she’s still pretty hot/more edgey but WHYYYY lol

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