shop till you drop.

want this car… need this car…

dressing room dramas

year of the shoulder… gaga much?

rummaging through the vintage

dooney and bourke before they turned ugly

what the?

My mom is selling these adorable spanish paintings at her store for $17 – if interested let me know and she will ship :)

vintage bracelets

also for sale at my madre’s store – these budda pins that are adorable as a decoration or keeping a jacket or scarf together.  For sale for $15

gold bracelets!  prices vary but all very affordable for the quality and vintage.

Old Faithful – Yellowstone geyser (another post to come about this soon)

this is my new vintage fendi backpack :)  i found it at My Sister’s Closet – a great consignment store in Scottsdale

book worm

jfk book

i read about this speech JFK gave in Berlin- “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which is a quotation from a June 26, 1963 speech by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in West Berlin. He was underlining the support of the United States for West Germany 22 months after the Soviet-supported Communist state of East Germany erected the Berlin Wall as a barrier to prevent movement between East and West.

According to an urban legend, Kennedy allegedly made an embarrassing grammatical error by saying “Ich bin ein Berliner,” referring to himself not as a citizen of Berlin, but as a common pastry:[3]

source: Wikipedia

this is the coolest ring!  it is a lizard – made out of a beautiful green stone – emerald? with a jeweled “bug” in its jaws… the concept reminds me of an exaggerated Cartier animal piece.

oh so 80’s – turquoise watch

i love lamp.  all that’s missing is the shag carpet

for some reason i thought ben would like this one

call me.

snack break – our blood sugar was dangerously low from running around all day

Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor in Old Town Scottsdale – an institution!

I ended up buying this fire engine red vintage st john sweater dress from MySister’s Closet.  This dress was looking real scary, but i knew once I removed the 3 inches of shoulder padding that is was a special.  I don’t think it has ever been worn!

now it is classic! perfect for winter, holidays, and nyc…

  1. Lacey Meyer said:

    wish i was present this day!

  2. BG said:

    i do really like that one! its awesome.
    i also like the one with you in the shoulder pads. you look a shrunken head doll.

  3. marisa said:

    Don’t even get me started on this post … That red dress is awesome! You are a supermodel.

    That I love that turqouise watch and I may or may not have purchased a coffee table book called “The Kennedy Years”. You kill me everytime!

  4. aLi said:

    i love you keens! i always love shopping with you! I look like Quaze Moto in a pic… so attractive!

  5. roxane said:

    ok you definitely NEED that car and the red dress is sooo classy :P very nice, looks like alot of fun :)

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