desert kids

this cute college house (911) in tempe had a yard sale today…

apparently it ended before we arrived but i was obsessed with this sign of desert style… gladiators strewn at the doormat = effortlessly chic

my sister has a collage of fashion editorials on her wall… this picture is the coolest! i need to find out who took it… pretty sure it is sourced from Harpers


tempe lake right off arizona state campus

the best thing about desert photographs is the dramatic shadows

this is a great photo of lacey… she has seriously noteworthy athletic style.

this reminded me of a tree in our childhood yard… the branches touch the ground far away from the trunk, which made it ideal for a fort when we were kids

airplanes fly over tempe all day – because PHX is only 10 minutes away from asu

not sure what is going on here…

cheerful yellow

this breaks my heart – unnecessary death caused by careless driving.  He was in his early twenties and biking on campus.  PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY :(

the land of yogurt.

this car was just waiting to be discovered in the yogurtland parking lot – haha

these are classic


lauren has even better footage of this sticky vehicle…

  1. roxane said:

    looks like alot of fun! hope everything is going well :))) theres not much happening here, 5 more weeks n holiday time!

  2. I tried to post a comment earlier, although it has not shown up. I imagine your spam filter may well be broken?

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