home sweet home?

in the mood for rhcp

flying into phx

These days, when I make it “home”, my family congregates at my moms in Scottsdale, AZ.   Just a few years ago, with  my sister graduating my mama decided to nest in a smaller more cozy home only 5 minutes away.  It was really sad for all of us because, our old house was truly one of a kind.

In our new house my mom has definitely made it feel more like home with interior decorating.  She is antique & vintage obsessed!!!!!!  Cmeyer (my mama) has a knack for discovering treasures, which she then sells in her Antique Shop (aka furnish our home hahah)…

Every-time I come home there is so much to discover :)  Here is a brief glimpse… more to come… sorry for my crappy grammar.

when i came home this vintage dress (i think circa 1950’s or 60’s) was hanging in my closet… i think my mom wanted to see if it would fit me before she decided to sell it.  I tried it on and fell in love!  no way i can part with it now :D  I will take more photos of it because it has this gorgeous lace detailing that covers the back!

this is the family cat – diva – i know ridiculous.  she is beautiful beyond and she knows it :( she never likes to cuddle because she is the boss… but i managed to force her into this photo.

this is my room at home… i adore this cute peacock inspired lamp and the vintage dresser.  I really think my mom has THE BEST taste.


looks about right.

you can see the copious baggage… excess baggage much? and lacey hiding from the camera

front door

magnets on the fridge…

i want to re-take these in day light…   the family room…


this is stuff my mom is sorting through for her shop (except for the beloved sugar jars in the back)


this lamp is so madmen it hurts.

this has ALWAYS been in my bathroom

antique wall paper samples my mom framed and arranged above my bed…

more to come – daylight will be better for shooting.

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