You can probably tell, my latest hobby has been fashion illustrations… In my last weeks before moving home from Australia, sketching in random free moments has been extremely therapeutic.  It has also been a way for me to connect with some of my idols in the creative world.

Last month, Brady told me about Hanneli.  Immediately i went online and started exploring her blog and was shocked that it was my first encounter. This past month she was aknoledged in Vogue Nippon for being one of the staple blogs amongst the vogue community.   Hanneli, in addition to a blogger extraordinare, is a Norwegian model, mtv vj, stylist, photographer, and contributor to vogue.  Talk about a busy woman!  On top of it all she maintains a blog that is easy on the eyes – the simplicity and photographs would appeal to anyone… See for yourself :)

Here is an illustration I have done of modelicious Hanneli @ Coachella music festival…   Most coachella fashion is disheveled/bohemian but not Hanelli – she is like a breath of fresh air…

do you prefer b&w or color?

zoom sketch before taken digital :)

  1. Luczis said:

    Wow!! This is amazing.. i just love your drawings :)

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