saving the world – one coffee cup at a time!

everyone should get one of these bad boys – reduce, reuse, recycle…

In addition to cutting back your contribution to the trash build up in the Pacific… There is the additional benefit of a cheaper drink.  Most coffee shops discount the cost of your beverage if you have a “keep cup”.  You win and the earth wins. (even starbucks discounts .40 $ everytime) Eliminate your paper and plastic waste by being conscious of your purchases and the products you support.  Just because you can recycle it does not mean you should use it…  We all need to show respect to this magnificent planet, before it is too late!

Here is a beautiful quote from Kate Lesueur’s blog the bee’s knees:

“We can only hope that Earth will still be a beautiful place by the time this sweet boy has innocent little boogers of his own. A world where even adults can still experience innocence and naivety, and have the ability to see beauty in everything. That there may be an insatiable desire to preserve a beautiful world because there are always little ones on the way; who deserve to experience air, water, soil, fire…green. So be kind.”

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  1. I said:

    love your post on coffee and recycling! keep it up sista women. xoxo

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