asian beer tasting

best date ever – asian beer tasting and a progressive thai dinner :)

the line-up for Asian beer tasting…summer ale, lucky buddha, kirin, firefly

the verdict is in:

summer ale- ginger. sweet. light

lucky buddha- like budweiser but heavier

kirin- refreshing. light.  lots of flavor

firefly- sweet. soda like qualities – taste wise ( i liked this one a lot with the spicy food)

by far the best bottle design!

a progressive dinner… starting at S Thada Thai for a delicious appetizer…

of curry puffs & spring rolls – by the way this curry puff is the best i have ever had… and only 6.20 for everything here!

Then off to get an entree – 1 laksa soup from paper box thai (extra spicy)

  1. ben said:

    fat fingers!

    • Keenan Evans Meyer said:

      that is silly ben!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Where is that Tiger Beer sweet girl???

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