fashion toast & armor jewelry

some news… I signed up for twitter today and bloglovin (follow me:D) – it will be that much easier to stay connected… if that is even possible…  so please feel free to check it out, follow, and be followed ;) xx

Tonight i was feeling a bit under-the-weather… just a bit nauseus, which was devastating seeing that today is Anzac Day (aka HUGE Aussie Holiday – reminds me of st patricks day in the states)… My friend Annie came over and cheered me up immediately with all of her amazing fashion/style insights…  Two of which I will share with you now!

1. Fashion Toast – fashion blog written by LA based Rumi Neely who models her vast closet collection – including amazing pieces sent to her by designers (including Etsy creatives!)

photographed in UME body chain sent to her by Sandee from Armor

which is the perfect transition to discovery number two!

2. Armor Jewelry – The new TEN Collection is up. Be sure to check out our revamped site at to see more photos! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++All items are MADE TO ORDER so each item is made just for you.  ALL PIECES ARE HAND MADE WITH LOVE FROM NEW YORK.

ABEE ring – Totally obsessed with this – and would probably purchase if it came in gold… lucky for my bank account it does not :)/:(


1 comment
  1. not Annie said:

    Oh that Annie what shall you do without her? No really what will you do?? Less than two weeks in Aus……i guess the truth is what will Annie do without Keenan?

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