<3 general pants

Down under they have this “hipster” store called General Pants... It a bit alternative with a grungy “could care less” attitude.  It is most comparable to TopShop – only if the creative direction was under Erin Wasson… ( good news is i believe some of their merch ships internationally)  They are notorious for their denim relations.

General Pants embodies some of my favorite Australian Fashions & Styles… aka dressing disheveled, effortlessly cool, vintage, and often androgynous.  I will try to explain using the best example i can think of.  In Bondi, there is a restaurant called Beach Burrito (basically an underground Aussie Celebrity hangout for models, musicians, photographers – basically the whole creative industry)… here you will find some of the best talent in the Australian Fashion Industry kicking back, eating cheap burritos, and drinking Mexicalli… dressed like bums with bed head – true Bondi Style… and i love every minute of it – and general pants does too!

Here is some affordable inspirations.

brand: Sass & Bide, Bones Brigade Tee, 120.00 AU

brand: Wrangler, Ice Wash Shirt, 99.95 AU
brand: Wrangler, Tied Up Tank, 59.95 AU
brand: Arvust Black, Arvust Hooded Bomber, 299.95
brand: Arvust, Pop Crew Neck, 69.95 AU
looocooo for these! brand: Carerra, Endurance Havana, 265.00 AU

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