one of those days…

how has your day been?  today was full of unexpected moments.  weird moments.   these visuals are also a bit unusual, which seem fitting as i lay in bed and reflect on the days happenings. right now, my eye is drawn to handsome.  good night :)

source: tinyvices

source: Landschaft Mit Haus – but does it float

Inez Vinnodh Decades 05 (this editorial is crazy creative)

aboriginal painting i got for my grandma noni :)

this brings back memories of middle school… source: chupachups800orig

vintage book collection found at Dust Antique store in Darlinghurst…  Emma by Jane Austen is calling my name.

Inez Vinnodh Decades 05

source: Loveology: Tell me a tale

source: tumblr

source: French Vogue

source: Clippings

source: YES – The Lost Weekend (1973)

source: this isn’t happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski, tumblr

source: German Vogue

pretty giftwrap from paper store on pearl street in Boulder, CO


good people in this world!

source: inez vinnodh

source: nordic

cool bag…

most images sourced from

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