chloe sketch

After work today, I was ecstatic to have free creative time … not sure which project to pick (batiking some fabrics & sewing)… I made the executive rainy day decision to go sketch at Strawberry Cream, the French Patisserie down the street.  The sketching continued on through dinner and back up to the apartment (beyond civil hours).  There is something therapeutic about drawing or reading on a rainy day…  but honestly i know nothing about drawing… haven’t taken art since the 7th grade… but i have always felt comfortable with a pencil in hand…

One of my current inspirations is a Chloe book written by Helene Schoumann, rented from the Randwick Public Library.  libraries are so completely UNDERRATED.  This is probably the best outcome of the night…  So i present to you :) my chloe sketch.  Next time it will be better… and by it i am mostly talking about the shading… sooo complicated!

post some photoshopping…

and before

“Chloe – A leading brand in women’s ready-to-wear, Chloe remains a symbol of new fashion: modern, feminine, with a Left Bank spirit.  Chloe presented its debut collection at Cafe de Flore in 1956 with a ferw simple and elegant outfits.  For the first time, high fashion was accessible and touched the hearts of women.  Chloe’s casual chic, soft materials and prints became a phenomenon.  Ahead of its time, chloe went on to give young designers the opportunity to become starts.  The face of Chloe is now that of a sensual femine woman.

Since its inception, Chloe has not aged but has continually risen to the Challenge of the times”

source: Chloe – Back Cover

photography: Horst Diekgerdes, title: White Cotton Blouse, author: Helen Schoumann

  1. Marisa said:

    LADY! this sketch is really amazing! you should definitely think about putting these in your etsy shop – i would definitely buy one. i’m so impressed you crazy artist you!! i miss you so much – we have to coordinate a skype time asap.

  2. this is great.
    you got some serious talent

  3. Anonymous said:

    kem. yet another element to add to what i was blabbing about earlier….i mean….beyond xx

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