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I think i mentioned this before… Le Rainy Day’s, Marisa introduced me to Mad Men and ever since it has been a full-blown addiction.  Especially with ever-so-dreamy star and ice queen, Betty Draper… Seeing as fashion is taking a turn for the 60’s, there is no better inspiration than this effortless beauty played by actress January Jones.

Jon Hamm and January Jones, channeling their Mad Men characters. Photographed at the Lightbourne House, in Lyford Cay, Nassau, the Bahamas. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

“A lot of what I do with Betty is in the eyes,” says Jones. “A lot of the feelings are unspoken, so that’s kind of been fun to play with.” Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

Asked about his favorite scenes with Jones, Hamm says, “It’s always fun when we fight. I think January would agree with that.” Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

Hamm “has this wonderful sadness and lost quality in his eyes,” said director Alan Taylor. “It’s a rare quality for a strapping leading man.” Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

“A lot of what I do with Betty is in the eyes,” says Jones. “A lot of the feelings are unspoken, so that’s kind of been fun to play with.” Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

“Betty’s whole life is a façade,” says Jones. “If she can’t keep up the pretense everything is perfect, she will crumble and die, I think.” Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; styled by Michael Roberts.

photography: Annie Leibovitz, Source: Vanity Fair, Title: Done and Betty’s Paradise Lost

Jones gave “one of the most remarkable auditions I’ve ever seen,” said Matthew Weiner.

photography: Annie Leibovitz, source: Vanity Fair

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source: isntthatemusing

source: weddingstand

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source: collectorsweekly

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butterfly inspiration! source:

source: roccapuccia

one of my favorite Betty Draper Moments from season 1

An Interview with Scott Buckwald, Prop Master for the Hit TV Show Mad Men October 15th, 2009

By Maribeth Keane and Jessica Lewis (Copyright 2009 The Collectors Weekly)

Scott Buckwald has been the prop master on a variety of popular movies and television programs, including Race to Witch Mountain and The Prestige. Recently, Buckwald spoke with us about his experiences as a prop master for AMC’s hit show Mad Men. He discussed what life was like in the early 1960s, when Mad Men takes place, and the lengths he had to go to to source and create authentic period props for the show.  He also talked about TV and movie props generally, and his personal experience as a collector.

I always wanted to work in film, but I didn’t have anybody in my family who worked in the film business. I’ve been a major movie buff since I was a child, and I’ve always been very meticulous. I’ve always been a collector. The Beatles are definitely my main thing, but my wife and I collect old metal lunch boxes and I’ve always just been good at holding onto things.

A prop is anything you can carry in your hand or, in this case, wear on your finger. This still of Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) is from Mad Men, Episode 1.

I have a fairly nice collection of movie memorabilia. For example, I like collecting police badges. I did the first props for The Shield, so I have Michael Chiklis’ detective badge. I’ll also collect autographs of all the actors I’ve worked with, which is something I started very early in my career. Usually I’ll have them sign a photograph or, if they have them, a lunch box or an action figure. I’m kind of geeky in that respect.

I studied history in college, which was great training for doing prop research. When I got out of school, I started pursuing film. I started out as a production assistant. It was like going to summer camp—you see all the different activities, and you just decide which direction you want to head in. I’ve always been good at tinkering and building things, making little toys and trinkets, so I was attracted to the props department. I started doing movies that had budgets that you and I could probably put together with our spare change. But 20 years later, here I am, so it found me as much as I found it.

There are many steps to it. It’s not just going out and finding the props; it’s also maintaining them, putting them in the actor’s hand, making sure that the continuity is correct, and making sure the props are always available. So it’s very much a full-time job. I went to work yesterday at noon and got home this morning at 5:00 am. It was a very long day.

It’s also a lot of fun. We were in the process of wrapping a movie last night, so I just got Betty White’s autograph, which was a kick. She signed a picture of herself firing a handgun from a recent TV episode she did. It’s a very uncharacteristic picture. It’s a funny photo. She was just amazing to work with.

In 1995, I was working with Kevin Pollak. We took continuity pictures every time he came into a room wearing eyeglasses and a watch and what not—we take a picture in every scene just to match it. Every single time we took a picture of Kevin, he would flip us off. He would just give us the middle finger. I decided this would be my constant. So, since 1995, I’ve made sure to get at least one picture of every actor I’ve worked with flipping me off, except Betty White. Having 86-year-old Betty White giving me a grimace and a middle finger would be worth the price of admission. I would love to do that.

One of the nice things about doing props on set is that I have a one-on-one relationship with the actors. Because I have physical contact with them we get to talk, so a relationship can develop.

read on at collectorsweekly

  1. Marisa said:

    betty draper you kill me. major girl crush.

  2. Matt said:

    Perfection! We live in the wrong era!

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