miss you lady

most epic night ever.

my closest friend abroad just moved back stateside… :( really sad so I wanted to do a post to celebrate her exciting move & travels.  LOVE YOU WOMAN! things that remind me of you…

you are an explorer. don’t ask questions.

cowboys – muhahah

source: strangemaps.wordpress (cool blog!)

actress: January Jones, show: Mad Men

kawa lunch dates

source: Aquabumps

vintage everything

model: Drew Barrymore, advertisement: Missoni

that is all!


walking everywhere


puff n stuff shoes


dirty chai

model: Abbey lee, magazine: Vogue Australia

bondi beach

fluffy box head…

the artery :)

beta beta chi

icon: Jackie O, source: fatboy

artist: Tim Miller

source: thehamptons

model: Susan Eldridge, source: Le Rainy Day

never ending creative projects…

Paloma Picasso for Tiffanys

yogurt off!, source: google

to the future… source: condo-living-west

1 comment
  1. marisa said:

    lady! this made me so incredibly happy! that picture is disturbing .. still can’t get over the enormity of what went down. i miss you so so much!!

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