week in review…

My closest friend down under is moving back state side next week – so we have been very busy with Sydney adventures while we still have time…

^ gorgeous nude roses !!!! thank youuuu

^ top cinnamon toast with rhubarb sautéd in orange juice… really yummy & quick meal!

^best sign ever!!! from this bead warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney … jewelry projects to post shortly…

Marisa & I went to the Tim Miller Sundown premier, which showcased 365 paintings of sunsets he saw over the past year… my favorites had beautiful iridescent highlights in clouds…

then we were off to china town – to eat at famous sydney cheap eats Mamak (Malaysian Roti & Satay)

The roti masters!

Roti Canai – The original crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside – $5.00 – seriously obesity kills me.

Teh Ais – Iced milk tea – reminds me a bit of chai but even more delicious!

This is how they prepare this sweet foamy Malaysian tea that is stretched

off to rummage through vintage shops in darlinghurst & surry hills… this vintage sweater was heaven – Christian Dior, why do you do this to me…!

Marisa looks like a beautiful mermaid in this 1980’s prom dress (not going to lie… i forced her into this one)

wanted this fur oh so badly…

Grandma Takes a Trip – store in Surry Hills

this is not normal… dins at spice i am – surry hills :D nothing like feeling your mouth on fire

ohh the white revolver…


my current inspiration – nuovo editorial ballerinas

love this fox illustration from a childrens book

also, if you like what you see Marisa has done tandom posts on le rainy day,  that cover a lot of these adventures :)

  1. Tbeezy said:

    woman you are so fineeeeee

    hahaha your blog makes my day!! be my american pie :):):)


  2. Marisa said:

    this is so out of control – i die!!!! this week is going to kill us for sure …

  3. Jason T said:

    Hi, I also really love that fox image. It’s obviously from “The Fox and The Crow”
    fable. Any idea who the author was please?

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