if i had a million dollars…

^just for you… well, maybe someday

Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès as a saddle shop in Paris, the company has grown internationally yet continues to implement its traditional techniques into its creations. – source: Wikipedia-Hermes

model: Karlie Kloss, campaign: Hermes SS 2010

campaign: FW 2009

campaign: FW 2009

Today after work, I meandered aimlessly into Hermes… Maybe it’s illogical but, there is something nice & safe about browsing luxury items you can’t afford – because of course you won’t buy them… because unfortunately you can’t… at least not justifiably

Even though you may not be walking out of the store with a bag… you are walking away with creative inspiration.  Marisa and I wandered from corner to corner of the store ooooing and ahhhing all the fabulous pieces.  Just being amongst that kind of quality and craftsmanship was a high :)

We were especially fortunate because the sales lady took the time to explain a brief history and process of how their silk scarfs are made.  Apparently each color printed on the silk comes from it’s own screen printer… so some scarfs are created using 50+ printers!!!

source: visualtirades

photographed: Jackie O wearing the Hermes Astologie Scarf, source: hermes.digitalurbana

we learned that Hermes has a few traditional silk patterns that are reprinted in new colors each year – this print is called the “Bride de Gala”


My favorite thing in the store today (aside from the equestrian riding boots) were the GORGEOUS enamel ashtrays from a collection inspired by India… i die!

The idea of using this dish for ashes is pure insanity!!! I can NOT even fathom letting any grime grace it’s existence.  Envision instead on your dresser housing delicate jewels… ahhh….


a few other obsessions…

^of course enamel bangles…

also check le rainy day – because I am sure Marisa will be posting about our Hermes adventures too!

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