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If I had a genie… I would wish to have a career like Stella McCartney.  Her versatility & creativity is noteworthy.  Here is a super-brief bio of Stella McCartney.  She was born in 1971 her father is former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and mother is late photographer and animal rights activist, Linda McCartney.  Her career began with choice label Chloe (ahhhhh) from 1997 – 2001.  In 2001 she collaberated with Phoebe Philo at Gucci…. I believe her line Stella McCartney was launched in 2005 (which I have posted about a few times – to say the least it is sexy, sophisticated, & smart)…  Then she got sporty…

She also launched a joint-venture line with Adidas, establishing a long-term partnership with the corporation in September 2004. This line is a sports performance collection for women.[9] The collection includes apparel for swim, gym, running, tennis and wintersports, as well as bags. McCartney’s favorite pieces in the collection come with a special reflector keychain.[citation needed]. In early 2006, the keychain was in the shape of a pink heart and in later 2006, it was in the shape of a gray wolf’s head. In January 2007, Stella McCartney announced that she would be adding a branch called Gym Yoga to her sports range for Adidas. Gym Yoga spring/summer 2007 collection is inspired by ballet and dance uniforms. The collection features double-layered tank tops with deep necklines, low waisted skinny trousers and lightweight rubber shoes.[10] Her Adidas contract was extended until 2010. (source: Wikipedia)

The more and more thought I put into my career path (in fashion design) the more I am SURE that I want to design high end sports wear…  I am so inspired by movement, dance, athleticism, the body (for those of you who don’t know Human Physiology – Kinesiology was my major at the University of Colorado &  have danced/ran/backpacked/skiied my entire life)…  there is a gap in the market for women who want to be active and also have style.  Daily wear (or even pieces you can wear to the office) that are adaptable to any situation day to night, gym to work…  the problem with a lot of athletic wear is it looks too sporty… Why not more prints?  Think Diane Von Furstenburg, Missoni, Etro, Zimmerman or Ikat, florals & tribal prints!!!! ETC – something with a bit of femininity & sass.  Designer athletic wear…

My dream job (at the moment – subject to change) would most definitely be to design for Nike like Stella McCartney does for Adidas – Nike is my preferred gym wear (Also addicted to lululemon)  Blah blah blah – certainly boring you at this point – so onto the visuals.  Pictures of my athletic staples of the week & inspirations from Stella McCartney, Nike, & Lululemon…

This post transitions in order from high fashion –> sportwear

This Collage is a brief glance at the direction I would want to take women’s sportswear…  athletic clothing that looks high fashion but is made out of comfortable stretchy materials that breathe – that can be thrown in the wash and dry easily…  I want to work to design things that are reversible that have secret pockets/pouches to put keys and money in…

cut & draping ideas i like for future designs –  (images clockwise – starting center zimmerman, etro, zimmerman, stella mccartney, zimmerman, lanvin, etro)

source: vam.ac.uk

tapestry design by Otavio for Missoni

Ikat print !!! source: nothing-is-new

fabric designs that would be amazing to work with – I am a sucker for prints – delicate & bold (tribal!)… but envision on a light weight athletic material (think nike/lululemon… but even thinner – possibly translucent) I believe the material I like is called albon.  Now for some real sportswear ideas…

source: adidas by Stella McCartney SS 2010

^source: MetalicusMove this top is awesome – you can’t see in the picture but it has a neat opening in the lower back…

^ nike athletic tanks & what i like about them… Nike Woman’s Tank hoodie – love the magenta one for it’s hood, Nike Draco – the print & cut, Nike Scrimmage – large arm holes…

Nike Dharma Yoga Coverup

Lululemon Energize Pant

Lululemon training pant light – SOOOOO neat!

^ my staples…nike top (think the tracing trend/design is very cool)  & tank by surfer brand Square One (My vision for this one is surfer/Bondi styling think of a Erin Wasson inspired athletic outfit…)

^ Chanel headband that keeps hair off of face & Vintage Nike Running top – found at a vintage consignment store and am not sure when it was made – What appeals most to me is the mesh fabric that covers the stomach… It breathes and also adds a bit of edge which I like!

(I realize this post is kinda spastic the point is athletic wear can be pretty & versatile with new fabrics and cut)

  1. katie said:

    I’ve been drooling over those Lulu Training Pants, but they’re still like $90. WTF????

  2. Marisa said:

    oh my goodness … this post makes me so happy! all of those prints are awesome, so amazing to see what you’ve been describing to me in visual form. you can do it!!!

  3. Beth said:

    But Stella McCartney must be cool, she’s in all those magazines! And if I don’t buy it now, I’ll never be able to aforfd it ever again!Or worse Hey, people overseas make money re-selling cheap designer collections on ebay, I bet I can to!!!Excuse my sarcasm, but I don’t entirely get the fuss either. Sold out in 7 minutes? I doubt many people tried it on before they bought it. Maybe they just knew it all fits and suits them

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