retail therapy show & tell

Marisa convinced me to partake in some “retail therapy” – dangerous for everyone involved!  Hopefully Marisa (of le rainy day) will share some pictures of her loot – 70’s inspired high-waisted ACNE jeans (think Jane Birkin or Annie Hall)… seriously priceless.

As for me, I found these leopard print sass & bide jeans that I literally couldn’t stop myself from purchasing.  Last week, while I was walking down the street, I saw a girl wearing the same pair – she told me they were sass & bide last season… so I thought that was that.  Then, during our shopping adventures, we stumbled upon one glorious pair in my size – SERENDIPITY at it’s finest. I should feel pretty guilty seeing as I am not even in need of the therapy,  but i don’t because they are my love OBSESSION!!!!

They have a gold pinstripe, they are leopard, and they are sass & bide… sold to the lady

source: melelle.wordpress

This feisty feline is my muse… Diva

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  1. Anonymous said:

    its about time you got some diva hot pants (no pun intended)

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