va bene (va-beh-neh)

As I lay in bed paralyzed by the flu :( BOOOO (hopefully just a 24 hour bug) I find comfort and entertainment browsing through va-beh-neh…  One of my closest friends, Kate LeSueur, publishes va beh neh weekly with spontaneous thoughts and experiences.  Kate and I spent a summer traveling through Italy together so, the name va bene just feels right.   I can already envision coffee table books full of her work, unique ideas and subtle touches.

The icing on the cake is, Kate is currently exploring photography as a full time profession and her website has become her temporary portfolio (and her photographs show it!)  Her blog has a calming organic presence and is riddled with gorgeous photographs of flowers, food, people, etc.  You will feel cozy & at home scrolling through the pages of va-beh-neh!

images & information sourced from va-beh-neh

1 comment
  1. Anonymous said:

    keens– you’re a gem.

    feel better– sending my love


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