le rainy day

The next time you have a feel the ZZZs sneaking up on you during an arduous day of work, wake up with this distraction le rainy day.  This charming site, created by my dear friend Marisa, houses everything from creative activities galore to mouth watering images of food.  She is a blog enthusiast and her links list is full of blogging secret treasure.  I can say for certain that, le rainy day going to continue to blossom :)  Her post on buttons is one of my favorites.

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of getting to know Marisa (creator of le rainy day) very well.  We spend our free time cooking, crafting, shopping, and seeking adventure.  Our common interests, passion for creativity & technology have made us somewhat inseparable these days.  We have plans to move into an apartment in NYC this fall…we have already begun brainstorming epic interior decorating plans that are sure to grace the pages of our blogs in no time.

^ last week marisa and i had a girly sleepover and this was her brilliant collage creation!

images & information sourced from le rainy day

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