* * * snow day * * *

This morning, not long after I stumbled out of bed, I tuned into 1010 wins via itunes (New York State radio station).  No surprise that the east coast is a mess of snow- after all, it is the dead of winter… However, I was shocked to hear  of New York’s 10.5 inch accumulation from the current blizzard (and no end in sight)!!!! That is absolutely insane. Even more shocking is the 2 feet DC got last weekend.  Is this because of global warming?? eeks

Even in the height of summer down under, I can’t help but long for a snow day. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Here is some bundle up inspiration.  School’s closed, time to cuddle up next to your fireplace with a cup of coa coa :D

photography: Benjamin Alexander Huseby, magazine: Vman, source: definitivetouch

source: refinery29

source: StockholmStreetStyle, model: Emmanuelle Alt  (could she be any more perfect? Nope)

source: heycrazy, model: Kate Moss, jacket: Isabel Marant

source: refinery29

source: pubsub

source: refinery29

source: coutureallure

source: refinery29

source: StockholmStreetStyle, model: Maryna Lunchuk

source: refinery29

source: cocumag, model: Frankke

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