<3 sports illustrated swimsuit edition

Who isn’t fascinated with the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?!  Lately, some of my male friends have been teasing me that my blog is “bi-curious”.  These assumptions based on the magnitude of beautiful women featured in posts regularly. This post is NO exception.

There is no better contrast to photographs of winter fashion & blizzards than the most beautiful women on tropical beaches.  (even though I am not sure they are quite as good as SI 2009 issue???)

These photographs are a celebration of femininity … as is my blog :D time to hit the gym

photography: Randall Grant, model: Christine Teigen, swimsuit: Pistol Panties

photography: Stewart Shining, model: Cintia Dicker, swimsuit: Luli Fama

photography: Riccardo Tinelli, model: Esti Ginzburg, swimsuit: Debbie Wilson for Maui Girl

photography: Walter Iooss, model: Dominique Piek, swimsuit: Vix

photography: Randall Grant, model: Bar Refaeli, swimsuit: Zeugari

photography: Walter Ioooss, model: Brooklyn Decker, swimsuit: Delfina

photography: Riccardo Tinelli, model: Hilary Rhoda, swimsuit: Debbie Wilson for Maui Girl

photography: Stewart Shining, model: Jessica Gomes, swimsuit: Missoni (of course it is- too cool)

photography: Riccardo Tinelli, model: Julie Ordon, swimsuit: Holmes Swimwear (another cool one-piece!)

photography: Walter Chin, model: Damaris Lewis, swimsuit: Beach Bunny

photography: Randall Grant, model: Daniella Sarahyba, swimsuit: Debbie Wilson for Maui Girl

photography: Raphael Mazzucco, model: Irina Shayk, swimsuit: Letarte by Lisa Cabrinha

images sourced from sportsillustrated.com

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