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Even though we are progressing into a “paperless world”, there is something irreplacable about a room/house overflowing with books.  The touch, the feel, the photographs (picture books are my favorite these days ;) )… Perhaps this post will inspire you to pop into a second hand book store and add a bit of character to your nightstand.

^bookshelf i photographed at Bespoke (my old work) full of fashion magazines & photography books – aka heaven

source: google

^bookshelf i photographed at fashion house Bec & Bridge – we organized by magazine & date…

source: {this is glamorous}

source: Apartment Therapy

source: {this is glamorous}

source: Apartment Therapy

source: {this is glamorous}

source: anitakaushal

source: absolutelybeautifulthings

source: {this is glamorous}

^if all else fails… buy this to start your collection ;)

also, thank you marisa for telling me to check out apartment therapy!


These photographs were taken this past weekend at a CRAZY second hand store in Newtown (the “Brooklyn” of Sydney – but not really at all)… Thanks to a good old trusty bottle of hand san (street term for sanitizer) Marisa, Ben and I were able to sift through a full aisle and find serious treasure.  The highlight for me would have to be vintage Italian art pamplets of the “masters” called I Maestri Del Colore.  We have some ambitious wall hanging/decorating ideas for these when we move back state side.  Also photographed are some books we thought would be fun or interesting conversation pieces in your home.

^ so cute!

^these images are so cooL! the graphics were this iridescent gold… the book itself was a bit hardcore…

^some of our decoration inspirations!

^this is going on my wall – adore klimt

^ Marisa and an empty bottle of hand sans – never a good sign :(

^ Marisa and the Kirchner cover

^bet you haven’t seen this book in years

^ hilarious!

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