mango salsa recipe


^salsa! warning if you use a whole-unseeded red chili it is spicy as hell (in a good way)

This recipe is a variation from Marie Claire’s “Kitchen” book (posted on earlier this week)… This was the perfect compliment to both salad and fish tacos that were prepared for dinner recently


2 mangos

1 chilli pepper

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons lime juice

sliced onion (shallot or purple)

dash of pepper


Cut (and seed if you don’t want it to be hot hot hot) the red pepper combine with oil and lime juice in a bowl.  Dice onion & mango into small bits (hedgehog style – is a good mango cutting secret see youtube video below). Combine all remaining ingredients in bowl with chilli, oil, & lime!  I also added red pepper (aka capsicum) and it was delicious!

Works as both a salsa and salad dressing. Bon appetite :D

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