taste of… design sponge

Design Sponge is a GREAT design blog!!!! everything from recipes to interior decorating diys…  Here are some highlights!

and! Just so you know… I have been working to update my websites I love list to the left of the posts with my daily online reads.

design sponge often links to delicious food blog sunday-suppers

i really miss the days when i checked out library books on a regular occasion. i remember my mom dropping me off at the library and i would pour over the teen section until i’d found the perfect books to take home. those days are sadly long gone, but after design by the booki’ve felt more inspired to get myself back into a library and take advantage of what they have to offer. so when i saw this fun new “overdue book calendar” from lauren hunt i couldn’t resist sharing. in a world of digital everything, it’s sort of fun to embrace the idea of real books (rather than digital ones read on your phone or a kindle) and keeping track of due dates on real paper, rather than a blackberry reminder. you can pick up lauren’s designright here, as a re-printable pdf for $4. thanks, lauren!

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