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things I have been meaning to share…

^ Best movie I have seen in awhile.


source: For Love And Lemons – Spanish Moss

^ I purchased For Love and Lemons (Gillian & Laura’s brand) Thigh High Leggings and I am obsessed! They are sporty, sexy, comfortable, and good quality… I especially love the subtle shine in the black fabric… They have a lot of cool clothing on their online store


^this has been my latest creative project, a gift… Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Australian artist Sean Del-Signore Bundjalung

“Our people live in harmony with the land and sea.  We believe strongly in our Aboriginal spirituality and that our life cycle evolves and is connected to everything in the universe”. – Sean

The concentric circles in his artwork depict family groups & sacred sites of his land and the the lines and dot work depict the tracks that connect these people.

The frame is a vintage piece from Mexico circa the 1960s.  I was attracted to its chunky almost masculine carvings and the color scheme.  The artwork looks right at home!  I think finding special vintage pieces is the best way to add character, charm, and history to your home & decorating.

  1. forloveandlemons said:

    hot!! love the leggings on you!

  2. ali said:

    omg i really want to see this.

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