interior inspirations

Sorry I have been so bad about posting! It is temporary while I am visiting home and getting organized for my future.  Tonight, I have been packing all of my winter clothing in storage, until I move to New York next fall for school.  The whole process has me completely excited for a time in my life where traveling will cease (at least temporarily).  I have already been planning some interior decorating :D  Here are some current inspirations.  I am into bright whites, jewel tones, vintage/antique furniture/pieces, studio spaces, clean modern lines and minimal clutter.  Now i just need to keep consolidating my life… enjoy!

^this color scheme is rich

^ gorgeous teal! the painting replacing the bed post is fun

^ the asian influence in this room is awesome


^fresh flowers make a room feel like home and add life

^ I wish I could have an all white room… just not possible

^ geometric/modern patterns with vintage pieces make a room interesting

^yesss loving the design studio ideas

^ love this vintage luggage integrated into interior decor

^collage of framed art can showcase all of your different interests & express your personality

^ decorative plates used as wall hangings or decorative pieces on night-stands add a special touch…

^ this may have to be the inspiration for my next room – adore the rich natural colors, gold embellishments, and layering of blankets

images sourced from twolia

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  1. ali said:

    ahh i want to be your roomie and decorate cute

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