the undistinguished eye

^seemed fitting/ sourced from ffffound

the undistinguished eye

So back in the day (like elementary school) I was in the same class as this guy – recently, thanks to the magical powers of facebook I reconnected with Reese (one of the authors of theundistinguishedeye) over working in the fashion industry.  Reese is currently working at Marc Jacobs, not bad at all!!!!  Also love the clever tag line “things that make you say oooooo…” so true!

Meet the Author Reese (another awesome name)

Reese – “Consider me a set of wide bright eyes trying to find and enjoy all the best this world has to offer to share with all you people.”

Reese and Sean are friends and founders of the undistinguished eye.  They post style to music and everything imbetween.  I thought it was a fitting post because some of my guy friends were saying to post more about mens fashion.

Their blog is cool – reminds me of manhattan/brooklyn and the buzz of the city.  It is robust & interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite items they have posted about and a taste of their blog….

(these can be for girls too!!! androgyny & prep is in ;D)

From their post 04 November 2009


^ i want this one so bad!


from their 10 November 2009 post


^ these are too cool

images and info sourced from theundistinguishedeye

  1. ali said:

    he is precious! he went to kiva?!

  2. Keenan Evans Meyer said:


  3. shea said:

    HOT – love his stuff

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