vintage finds <3 "don’t mind the vintage smell…"

artist: foghat, song: Slow Ride

artist: jimi hendrix, song: crosstown traffic

Today, Marisa and I went to Surry Hills (perhaps on a much smaller scale the Brooklyn?? of Sydney ).  Our mission: to revamp our wardrobes & embrace the eclectic Bondi style we admire.  Basically, in Bondi everyone has funky unique fashion – an assortment of vintage meets street fashion (a bit hipster) all wrapped into beach bum messy style…

My favorite is all the vintage shoes & boots.  Also, because I am interested in getting into personal styling (free lance & just with my own closet) I thought it was time to mix up things in my wardrobe.

Here are the results.  Pardon the lack for professional models – we are low budget.

I think almost everything we got was circa 1970…  A time that we both find inspiring.  We love the vibe of fashion from that time period and like to consider ourselves “hippies” hahaha – Envision styles with belts and heaps of cool vintage jewelry!  It’s all about the accessories.  It is all happening :D!

Marisa’s new shoes from the 70s!  Love the heel… she says they don’t hurt at all!  Vintage shoes are such good quality.

Classic… Marisa is a natural beauty!!!

Blouse $15.00 circa 1970s, “mom” light denim shorts $20.00 probably from the 90s hehe, shoes were $30.00 dollars

I swear these jorts are more flattering than they look here, I adore them…

vintage white sweater – I am planning a DIY makeover with vintage gold buttons

obsession with these high heels

Marisa’s bohemian find! so cute… it has lace detailing around light weight denim

this is hilariously out of control… Marisa pulled this crazy @ss top from the rack and told me it was so me and I had to get it… I don’t know what the heck was going through my mind but I decided that it was the best idea and now look at me… I can already see my future children blackmailing me with these photos :) but lets get serious, animal print is so sexy and these boots are very bondi cool! Both cheap finds.

ninja – omg

Marisa found this pale purple paisley button up :) it is jackie O meets hippie chic

so cute!

Love this one!

this one is probably my favorite find of the day – little black dress with a fun floral print twist c 1980s & vintage black snake skin heels c 1950s!

vintage snake skin heels c. the 1950s or 60s!

it’s a wrap!

anyways… there is more where this came from – unfortunately because I am saving I had to limit my shopping – the divine vintage finds are endless.  I am looking forward to mixing these pieces into my wardrobe as soon as possible.  I also am getting some black vintage lace up boots if it’s the last thing I do :) I can’t pass up the interesting combination of rugged boots with floral print/delicate dresses.

sunrise this morning!

Bondi Beach

Kemi :) awesome photo

  1. ali said:

    jebus you guys dress cute and are so tan and tiny!!! OBSESSED with your floral dress and those heels and boots! obsessed with your friends paisley lavender number and white denim shorts@!!!! ahhhh i would die there and spend all my money, lets get real.

  2. shea said:

    You are gorgeous! The vintage pieces you bought are sexy. Keep up the good work.

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