creativity kills

artist: Lykke Li, title: Dance Dance Dance

artist: Lykke Li, title: Little Bit (reminds me of working at Bespoke)

Marisa and I have been collaborating on creative projects.  About two weeks ago we designed swimsuits.  The process seemed easy, because I had already made a swimsuit in October.  However, this time we wanted to make them proper – including and working with an overlocker machine :)!!!! (super professional) We even took sewing classes to learn how to sew in the swim-elastic to every crevasse of the suit.  Basically a ton of work to have these custom bikinis… but well worth it, I am sure.

I am FASCINATED with the idea of high fashion sportswear (a dreaam of mine) think boulder meets high fashion city meet international style icon… alright, I am rambling again.  Here are the swimmies we made – both are reversible… With orange on one side and a funky royal purple/blue fabric Marisa found on the other.  The colors compliment each other perfectly (and not just because I am a phoenix suns fan)

We plan on embellishing with gold of some sort… this is our work in progress… HOWEVER we finished marisa’s bottoms today!  and they fit like a glove…

reversible swimwear… the bottoms are really interesting because the fabric actually folds down (does this make sense?? so whatever side you end up wearing you fold down the flap to have both the orange and print exposed)… that sounds more confusing than it is.  Anyways, we are wearing them to the beach this week.


The day would not be complete without a full brown iron chef throwdown in the kitchen – the challenge: to create a delicious meal with everything in the fridge.  Thanks to my Asian cooking phase and a veggie surplus, we concluded on a our take on tofu stir fry/pad thai recipe from epicurious.

This recipe was our initial inspiration – however we pretty much just did what we thought was right… we added more veggies – and mixed teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and other asian cooking oils to taste… we also added capers.  We both highly recommend this and plan on living on the leftovers tomorrow.




umm… creativity is taking over  – my newest continuing education initiative is trying to watch as many documentaries/classic/cult/musical etc films every week for different inspirations.  I am averaging about 2 movies a day &  will share my findings soon.   A few films have been accidental unfortunate picks.  So please, comment if you have any advice or movie suggestions (I would appreciate it!)

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  1. ali said:

    i love lykke too!! and dude, i want one of those swim suits! i will need to discuss ideas and pricing with you over winter break!!

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