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every once and awhile there is a special blog or website thats specialness really resonates.  I am picky and know what I like immediately… The blog somuchtotellyou is overflowing with pretty natural photogtaphs – there something organic that ties their blog together.  I usually opt for bolder more saturated images but this site IS INCREDIBLE –  It is similar to {this is glamorous} but with a New Zealand vibe.  The girls are based in NZ (according to their URL) so they also talk about Aussie media & culture.  Anyways, they have great taste.  I recommend spending hours getting lost exploring their site.

“Autors Natalie Smith and Zoe Walker are writers and friends.  This is where they write about all their favourite things.”  For me, the words dreamy and feminine come to mind.

^ song from their most recent post

“Have you listened to this band before? I’ve had this song sitting around for ages, but I think they only just released their album,according to Pitchfork. This is the video clip for my favourite one, Lust for Life. How good are the lyrics…” (from their girls post)

marc jacobs & sofia coppola (speaking of which!)

images/media sourced from somuchtotellyou

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